A Simple Guide to Get Inspired, Look Good & Save Time

Whether you’re looking to move people, move product or move the needle on a big project, Slide Therapy will show you how to turn your words and ideas into results, revenue and impact.



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"Nadine knows how to design visually stunning presentations, and she dropped all of her knowledge in this guide." 

Syed Balkhi, Founder of OptinMonster

The only thing standing between the ideas in your head and massive success is your ability to communicate your ideas in a compelling way that gets people to trust you, like you and take action. 

And this is exactly where most people fail. 

Here's the deal: we live in a visual world. A world where having beautiful visuals is critical if you want to captivate and convert your audience. 


Ugly doesn’t convert because:


  • Ugly is usually also confusing

  • Ugly makes people question your credibility 

  • Ugly makes people think that maybe you just don’t care, so why should they? 

#fact: ugly presentations are bad for business

Does this sound like you?

You sit at your laptop, fire up PowerPoint and you think to yourself:

... I know what I’m trying to say but I don’t know how to say it visually

... Does this look right? 

... How do I make this look better?

Four hours and three cups of coffee later...

... PowerPoint sucks!

... I suck.

... This presentation sucks.

... Oh well. It’ll do.

if so, then

Slide Therapy Is For You

Slide Therapy will make your presentations more impactful 

because it teaches you how to structure your ideas better so that people understand, remember and take action on the information and stories you’re sharing with them.

Slide Therapy will make your slides look more professional 

because it shows you how to avoid rookie design mistakes that make you look like an amateur. After Slide Therapy your slides will look like they were designed by an expensive designer, not your part-time design challenged intern!

Slide Therapy will save you time

because it’s packed with time-saving tips and tons of design examples so that you can get inspired and quickly and confidently whip up a killer slide deck in less time than it takes you to re-watch an episode of Breaking Bad.

did you know:

75% of people judge the credibility of a company on design.

- Stanford University

the Author

Nadine Hanafi is a visual storyteller, presentation expert and founder of the award-winning presentation design firm We Are Visual where she helps people create stunning, story-driven presentations they can be proud of.

Nadine was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations and her work has been featured on TED, Inc, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Shark Tank and Fast Company.

Through her work with Fortune 500 companies like Disney and best-selling authors like Sarah Knight, Nadine has shown that “professional” doesn’t have to rhyme with “boring”. 

Nadine has a passion and drive for helping speakers, professionals and entrepreneurs boost their confidence, their career and their sales by elevating their visual brand.



Overwhelmed by the task of creating presentations
  • You dread the prospect of having to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

  • You spend more time fussing with formatting your slides than making them more compelling and effective.

and you wanna stop pulling all-nighters on your slides


Frustrated by your lack of creativity & design skills
  • You wish you could make your slides look more professional and original, but you just don’t have the skills or patience for it.

  • You need inspiration and guidance to come up with more creative ways to present your ideas.

And you want designs you can copy and get on with it
You’ll love Slide Therapy if you’ve been…
"If PowerPoint is part of your life, you need Slide Therapy - period. This helpful how-to should be required reading for anyone before hitting "save" on a .pptx file."

Brittany Hodak, Keynote Speaker & Superfan Expert

Slide Therapy will help you …
Use PowerPoint Like a Pro

Leverage PowerPoint’s most powerful and unknown features to design beautiful slides.

Present Your Ideas More Visually

Organize and visualize your ideas so you can make your point more persuasively, clearly and concisely.

Structure & Simplify Content

Structure and simplify complex content and make your ideas stickier and more memorable.

Make Your
Ideas Irresistible

Position your ideas, products and services to make them unignorable and irresistible.

did you know:

Small businesses that invest in design see a 17.5% increase in their average sales.

- The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development 

Nadine Hanafi is changing the way people present.

Before & After Examples

Every chapter uses a “show & tell” system of before and after slide examples to illustrate the tips and concepts I teach in this guide.

reads like a beach book, works like a charm

Look Inside

400+ Pages of Full-Color Visuals
and Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Recommended Resources

Wondering what tools and resources I use for fonts, colors, stock photos and icons? You’ll find my best resources inside the guide. 


You will find PowerPoint tutorials throughout this guide teaching you relevant tricks to help you apply the concepts you learn.

The tutorials come in video format as well as printable cheat sheets for easy on-the-go access.

More Than a Book

Slide Therapy is not just a book.

It’s a multimedia training experience.

In addition to the beautifully designed PDF version of Slide Therapy, you’ll also get access to the Slide Therapy Course which is fully loaded with video tutorials and dozens of downloadable bonus materials including templates, cheat sheets, worksheets, design tools and exercise files to help you save time, get inspired and apply the techniques you’re gonna learn.

Because we humans learn best from seeing examples, Slide Therapy is delivered with a massive swipe file packed with hundreds of slide examples to give you design ideas and show you exactly what your slides should look like and how to fix them.

If you want to see results even faster, Slide Therapy comes with a Slide Bank of more than 250 professionally designed, plug & play template slides that'll help you create your slide decks in minutes instead of hours!


And to help make sure that Slide Therapy is an investment (not an expense) and that you’re able to apply your new skills and get the results you want, you get weekly direct access to the Slide Therapist herself (yours truly) inside our private Slide Therapy Group.

Scroll down for a closer look at all the good stuff waiting for you inside Slide Therapy. 


the digital course

A Multimedia

Digital Course

The thing with books is this: you buy ‘em, you read ‘em and then you put ‘em on a (virtual or non-virtual) shelf and go right back to what you were doing.


That’s why in addition to giving you Slide Therapy in a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly PDF version, I also converted it into a multimedia course packed with video tutorials and hosted on a solid, easy to navigate platform that makes learning easy and fun.

the cheat sheets

Printable Tools
& Cheat Sheets

Slide Therapy comes with a library of helpful cheat sheets to make design easy and save you time, including:


Font Pairing Guide
(with 40+ Font Pairs)

Color Palette Cheat Sheet

(28 Done-for-You Color Palette)


 Storytelling Guide, Audience Analysis Worksheet and more!

the video vault

Slide Makeover Video Library

For the visual learners, Slide Therapy comes loaded with a Video Vault containing 18 over-the-shoulder makeover videos (with exercise files) where I show you my exact process for transforming slides from confusing and basic to clear and beautiful in minutes.

These videos will get you thinking like a brilliant designer because they will help you recognize the design mistakes you might be making and show you magical tweaks you can make to fix your slides. You’ll also get to see all the little time-saving shortcuts and hacks I use to work much more quickly and efficiently inside PowerPoint.

the presentation planner

Presentation Planning System

The Presentation Planner is a proprietary presentation planning system I developed after almost a decade of experience designing everything from blockbuster TED talks to multi-million dollar investor pitches. The Presentation Planner is a set of printable worksheets and templates that take the guesswork out of the presentation creation process.


All you have to do is follow my 8-step, fill-in-the-blanks, system with step-by-step instructions and use my done-for-you templates to take the ideas in your head and turn them into a solid presentation in hours instead of days!

A Massive Library of Premium PowerPoint Templates With Just About Every Slide Layout You Might Ever Need...

The Slide Bank contains more than 250 premium template slides available in 4 beautiful color themes for a total of 1,000 professionally designed slides. These templates are designed to be easy to customize and offer a huge variety of layouts to choose from. So all you have to do is pick a slide and drag and drop your content into it.

the slide bank


Design Tools

Slide Therapy comes with thousands of icons, hundreds of Images and dozens of curated design elements and graphic assets so you can stock up your design library like a pro and stop wasting time Google-searching and hunting down fresh pictures every time you have to make a new presentation.


Swipe Files

Need inspiration? The Swipe File contains 100+ pre-made slide designs and layouts you can use as a starting point and tweak to your needs. These are 100% EDITABLE PowerPoint files of ALL the design examples inside Slide Therapy.

The Swipe File also contains more than 500 slide examples and 20 TED Talk decks you can get inspired from.


Weekly Office Hours with Nadine

My #1 goal is to help you make your purchase an investment instead of an expense. 

That’s why I make myself available at least once a week inside our Private Slide Therapy Insiders Group to answer your questions and help make sure that you’re able to apply your new skills and get the results you want. Questions are answered in the form of written tutorials and screenshare videos.


"I always thought my PowerPoints were great, but this really shows me how much I had to learn!!"

Benji Rabhan, Founder & CEO of ConversionCore

Explore Contents

Sample Chapter

Here's a taste of what you'll have access to within minutes of your Slide Therapy purchase!

sneak a peek inside!

Before & After

What if you could turn plain words on a slide into a beautiful presentation that makes you feel excited to present your ideas?

What if you could create designer quality presentations in minutes instead of hours

What if you could visualize your ideas like a professional designer and make presentations that make you feel confident and proud to present your ideas.

How many more people will you inspire?
How many more deals will you close?
How many more pitches will you win?
How many more hours of sleep will you get?

did you know:

65% of people need visuals to be able to process information.

- Social Science Research Network 

Knowing how to communicate your ideas effectively and creatively is the single most profitable skill you will ever master in your business or career. 

When you finally have the confidence to turn the ideas in your head into clear, creative and compelling visual slides, everything changes. When you finally have the ability to create the kinds of slide decks that not only make you look like a million bucks but make your ideas, products and services irresistible to your audience, everything changes.


When you master the ability to quickly put together killer pitches, gorgeous reports, sales-boosting webinars and blockbuster keynotes for your business, you become your company’s Most Valuable Person. We're talking life-changing, career-making, legacy-building stuff.

The techniques I share inside Slide Therapy have helped me create winning investor pitches, profitable courses, money-making webinars and viral TED talks that have collectively generated more than 10 million views on YouTube and $30+ million in revenue for my clients.

And I’m giving it all to you in one visual and highly actionable guide. 

Whether you use PowerPoint to create routine marketing presentations for your company or a high-stakes pitch that has the potential to put your business on the map and triple your sales, Slide Therapy will give you all the inspiration and guidance you need to craft a killer slide deck that gets you results and makes you proud!

i can't wait to hear about your presentation success story!

did you know:

70% of employed Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work.

- Prezi Survey

Raving Fans

"You need Slide Therapy - period."

"To call Nadine a slide therapist is an understatement: she's a slide healer! If PowerPoint is part of your life, you need Slide Therapy - period. This helpful how-to should be required reading for anyone before hitting "save" on a .pptx file."

Brittany Hodak,
Keynote Speaker & Superfan Expert

"This is the book I've been searching for..."

"This is the book I've been searching for in hundreds of bookstores over the past decades! Not a book that I read and put away, not a book that was designed for only one audience (TED) but a reference guide that helps me every time I am sharing insights with my audience."

Jacco van der Kooij,
Founder & CEO of Winning By Design

"The most actionable book I've read on presentation design."

"Nadine really emptied her bag of tricks in this book. This is the most actionable book I've read on presentation design. I especially enjoyed the visual tutorials and examples which showed me exactly what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I love that Nadine makes something as intimidating and complicated as design so easy and accessible. Thanks to Slide Therapy I now realize that my slides can be so much better and all I have to do is follow Nadine's super simple step by step design hacks. My presentations will never be the same again."

Alexandra Watkins,
Chief Innovation Officer, Eat My Words
& author of "Hello, My Name is Awesome:
How to Create Brand Names That Stick"

"I always thought my PowerPoints were great, but this really shows me how much I had to learn!!"

"This is such an awesome book. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much when I read it since I was a full time designer in a past life. But, this book is so comprehensive and easy to read. It includes so many topics on things like typography types and how you can spice up anything to be so much more visually appealing. I already bought this book for my whole team, as it is such a great reference AND idea guide. The author really did a good job of explaining the DOs and DONTs of slide building. My favorite part was how well she shows the before and after for every concept. It makes the concept so easy. I always thought my PowerPoints were great, but this really shows me how much I had to learn!! “

Benji Rabhan, Founder & CEO

of MorrisCore & Subsidiaries

"Truly invaluable for someone just starting out."

“Nadine knows how to design visually stunning presentations, and she dropped all of her knowledge in this guide. The guide contains tons of practical advice including best font combinations which is truly invaluable for someone just starting out.“

Syed Balkhi,

Founder WPBeginner & OptinMonster

"Will challenge even savvy presenters to up their game."

“Nadine’s insights, gained by developing hundreds of presentations for TEDx and other high-profile audiences around the world, will challenge even savvy presenters to up their game. The chapters on proper data display alone are worth the price of the book – many times over.”

Steve Curtin, author of Delight Your Customers:

7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary

"The visuals in this book quickly pointed out the things I was doing wrong to cause my presentation disasters."

"Slide Therapy broke down the challenging task of making PowerPoints look nice into an easy-to-follow set of rules. Over the past few years, I realized that my PowerPoints weren't up to snuff and the visuals in this book quickly pointed out the things I was doing wrong to cause my presentation disasters. Slide Therapy does a great job of explaining elements like typography, color, images, and charts showing you visually what to do and what not to do. My slides will definitely never look the same again and all of my go-to PowerPoint tricks like picture styles, bullet points, and drop shadows will now be a thing of the past."

Zach Ferres, CEO at Coplex

"Lots of valuable resources and visual before and after examples..."

"Slide Therapy is an easy to read guide for creating impactful presentations that engage your audience. It includes lots of valuable resources and visual before and after examples to quickly demonstrate how to improve your presentation. I highly recommend this book - I have made this required reading for my marketing and content creation team.“

Diana M. Goodwin,
President & Founder, AquaMobile Inc

Slide Therapy Takes the Guesswork Out of the Presentation Creation Process

Rather than just telling you what to do,

I actually show you exactly how to do it.

Slide Therapy is stuffed silly with real world examples of mistakes you may be making and tips on how to fix them.


You’ll get before and after makeovers and tutorials that walk you through every step of the process of taking a slide from basic to beautiful in seconds.

You’ll get tons of done-for-you designs to inspire and guide you.

And you’ll get copy-paste strategies and plug & play templates that save you time and take the guesswork out of the presentation creation process.

I know you’re crazy busy and that’s why Slide Therapy teaches you ONLY what you NEED to know so you can quickly absorb the material and start seeing results ASAP.
"This is the book I've been searching for in hundreds of bookstores over the past decades!"

Jacco van der Kooij, Founder & CEO of Winning By Design

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