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Who's Slide Therapy for?


If the idea of making a PowerPoint presentation makes you cringe, Slide Therapy is for you.


If you KNOW your presentations can use some work, but you’re not sure how to go about making them better, Slide Therapy is for you.


If you’re tired of the same old vague and theoretical presentation advice out there and looking for more practical techniques you can actually implement, Slide Therapy is for you.


Slide Therapy is for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate and present their ideas better. 


Slide Therapy readers include:


  • Digital Influencers (who need to create profitable, on-brand slide decks for their online courses and webinars)

  • Authors & Professional Speakers (who need to refresh their slide decks, their PowerPoints are their bread & butter)

  • Small Business Owners (who regularly speak at conferences to get exposure for their businesses and establish themselves as experts in their field)

  • Bootstrapping Startups (who need to pitch to investors and partners)

  • Marketing Managers (who create high stakes internal presentations for their peers and leadership) 

  • Consultants (who create presentations for their clients or to attract new clients)

  • Sales Professionals (who create sales pitches to impress their clients and reports to impress their leadership)

  • Teachers (who need to freshen up their lecture content and make it more engaging for their (increasingly) distracted millennial students)


What kind of presentations will Slide Therapy help me create?


Most presentation books exclusively teach you how to create short talks and live TED-style presentations. Slide Therapy is different. This guide will empower you with the skills you need to create any kind of presentation, whether it’s a high stakes 20-minute keynote, a routine marketing report or an online course. The stuff you learn in this course will help you create better:


  • Proposals

  • Sponsorship Decks

  • Class Lectures

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Training Materials

  • eLearning Decks

  • Webinar Decks

  • Course Slides

  • Investor Pitches

  • Corporate Reports

  • Scientific Presentations

  • Financial Review Decks

  • PDF Handouts

  • Sales Pitch Decks

  • Conference Talks

  • Electronic Press Kits


And since so much of this guide is dedicated to teaching you how to use PowerPoint more effectively, it will help you do a better job of crafting any document you need to create inside PowerPoint.

Do I need to know PowerPoint well to benefit from the lessons in Slide Therapy?


Not at all. Your level of proficiency in PowerPoint won't affect how much value you get from Slide Therapy.


If you’re a seasoned PowerPoint user, Slide Therapy will introduce you to new techniques that will take your skills to the next level. 


If you’re a beginner, you’ll get all the hand holding you need with step by step instructions and visuals to make it easy.

What if my presentations are super technical? Can Slide Therapy help me?


Absolutely. Actually Slide Therapy is perfect for you. It’s filled with lessons that teach you how to effectively design data rich and content rich slides. I give you practical steps to transform the way you design and display paragraphs, diagrams, charts and bullet points. 

Do I have to have PowerPoint in order to benefit from the lessons in this course?


Short answer: no. 


Long answer: For compatibility reasons, I use the tool that the vast majority of the business world uses: PowerPoint. Because it's the tool I master and the one most people use, Slide Therapy contains tutorials, screenshots and instructions based on the PowerPoint 2019 interface. 


HOWEVER, 99% of the design tips I share can just as easily be applied in Keynote or any other slideware of your choice! 


But I'm not creative and I suck at design…


First of all, you ARE creative. Your creativity may be dormant but it's there and Slide Therapy will help you wake it up. Secondly, you don't need to be a Dali or a Degas to apply the lessons in this training. Slide Therapy makes design simple and accessible even for the design challenged. And as you will see, even small changes can make a big impact on the quality of your slides.


Do I really need to learn slide design when I can pay someone a couple hundred bucks to fix my slides?


Sure you can hire someone on UpWork to jazz up your slides for a couple hundred bucks. 


But cheap design ain't great. And great design doesn't come cheap. 


Our clients at We Are Visual pay a premium for the high quality design they get (up to $10,000 for a custom slide deck). It’s not within everyone’s budget. 


But here's the bottom line: anybody who is doing your slide design needs to be intimately involved in the creation of your content and know your topic very well in order to help you create meaningful designs that support your story. No one knows your stuff better than you do. 


Secondly, working with a pro requires a lot of time and back & forth. If you are doing it for a one time high stakes talk, it makes sense. If you need to create a lot of presentations on the go, save yourself the time (and the cash!) and learn to design your own slides.


Why learn PowerPoint when I can use other tools like Prezi?


Yes, Prezi is great. But so is PowerPoint. 


Some people switch to other tools in hopes that it will help them make better presentations. They think that PowerPoint is the problem. That's like firing your dentist because you have a cavity. You don't need a new dentist, you need to unlearn some bad habits and pick up some good ones. You need to unlearn the old way of using PowerPoint and start approaching slide making in a fresh new way. I promise that if you learn and practice the techniques in this book you will cut your slide prep time in half and produce beautiful, modern and refreshingly original presentations like a pro. 


Plus, it will take you a LOT less time than learning to use a whole new software from scratch.



Can I ask Nadine questions?


When you purchase the Unicorn Bundle, you’ll get access to join our private Facebook Group: a community of design-minded professionals and presenters who support each other, share their wins, their tips.  


My #1 goal is to help you make your purchase an investment instead of an expense. 


That’s why I make myself available at least once a week inside the Facebook Group to answer your questions and help make sure that you’re able to apply your new skills and get the results you want. Questions are answered in the form of written tutorials and screen share videos.


Can I share my copy of Slide Therapy with everyone in my small company?


Many of our readers choose to purchase Slide Therapy for their entire teams. If you’d like to share Slide Therapy with everyone in your small company, you’re more than welcome to do so!


Please email for pricing information on the Enterprise License which allows you to (legally) share the contents of the Slide Therapy package (including the templates) with up to 100 team members. The Enterprise License gives your entire team access to the Slide Therapy portal with individual login access.


Slide Therapy would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?


When you master the ability to quickly and confidently create winning presentations, you’re arming yourself and your business with a $500 per hour skill. So you’d be making back your investment in less than an hour. 


And your new design skills won’t just help you make better presentations, they’ll help you make more professional graphics for any occasion: social graphics, ad visuals, Pinterest graphics, PDFs, internal documents, ebooks, lead magnets, etc. After reading Slide Therapy, you’ll become a better designer, FOR LIFE! And that’s the gift that keeps on giving.  


If you need more proof, here it is: in 5 years since the first version of Slide Therapy was published we’ve never received a single complaint or request for a refund. In fact, we don’t even offer refunds anymore. That’s how much I believe in Slide Therapy and its ability to give you massive results that are well worth the price, many times over.


My #1 goal is to help you make your purchase an investment instead of an expense. 


To that end, I make myself available at least once a week inside the Facebook Group to answer your questions and help make sure that you’re able to apply your new skills and get the results you want. Questions are answered in the form of written tutorials and screen share videos.


If you have any questions about the contents of Slide Therapy or need more information to make sure you are making the right decision, please email us at so we can help!


Do I need a specific software to read Slide Therapy?


The Slide Therapy guide as well as all the bonus materials comes in the form of a PDF that you can read on any device (tablet, smart phone or computer). You don’t need any specific software to read the guide however, you do need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to access and use the slide templates.

What do I get when I purchase Slide Therapy?


Within seconds of your Slide Therapy purchase, you will receive a welcome email welcoming you to the fam as well as a confirmation email containing all of your download links as well as links and passwords to access your videos (Video Vault and Template Tutorial Videos).


Depending on which package you purchased, your download links will contain links to all the materials included in your package. You can go here to see a breakdown of all materials included inside each package.


This sounds like a lot of stuff! Can you give me a quick rundown of everything included in each package?


When you purchase Slide Therapy, here’s all the good stuff you’ll be diving into within minutes!


The Starter Bundle $197 (Early Bird Pricing: $97)


  • The Guide: 400+ Page PDF (Value: $97)

  • The Digital Course (Value: $297)

  • The Cheat Sheets (Value: $97)


Total Value: $491


The Smart Bundle $297 (Early Bird Pricing: $297)


  • The Guide: 400+ Page PDF (Value: $97)

  • The Digital Course (Value: $297)

  • The Cheat Sheets (Value: $97)

  • The Video Vault: 18 Makeover Videos (Value $297)


Total Value: $788


The Unicorn Bundle $497 (Early Bird Pricing: $397)


  • The Guide: 400+ Page PDF (Value: $97)

  • The Digital Course (Value: $297)

  • The Cheat Sheets (Value: $97)

  • The Video Vault: 18 Makeover Videos (Value $297)

  • The Slide Bank: 4 Premium PowerPoint Template Libraries (Value: 4X $397= $1,588)

  • The Presentation Planner: (Value: $497)

  • Bonus #1: The Design Tools (Value: $497)

  • Bonus #2: The Swipe Files (Value: $497)

  • Bonus #3: Weekly Office Hours with Nadine (Value: $497)


Total Value: $4,364


What is included inside the Video Vault?


The Video Vault contains 18 videos that are each between 5 and 10 minutes long. 


These are slide makeover videos that walk you through step-by-step the process of transforming a slide from basic to beautiful. If you’re a visual learner, then you will love these videos because they show you real-world examples of how you can apply the techniques you learn inside Slide Therapy. Click here for a closer look at what’s inside the Video Vault.



What is included inside the Slide Bank?


The Slide Bank is a massive library of 250 beautifully designed PowerPoint slides including:


  • 20 Title Slides

  • 19 Agenda Slides

  • 24 Transition Slides

  • 30 Diagram Slides

  • 17 Timeline Slides

  • 22 Data Display Slides

  • 15 Infographic Slides

  • 5 Map Slides

  • 7 Text + Icon Slides

  • 42 Text + Image Slides

  • 7 Quote Slides

  • 10 Mockup Slides

  • 12 Report Slides

  • 5 Thank You Slides


You’ll receive the Slide Bank in 4 different design styles and color palettes for a total of 1,000 professionally designed, plug & play slides!


PLUS, you’ll get access to our onboarding video series which shows you how to properly install and use your templates as well as a library of how-to tutorial videos showing you step-by-step how to work with, edit and customize your templates.




Do I need to have PowerPoint to edit the templates?



Yup! You’ll need PowerPoint to access the templates included inside the Unicorn Bundle.


Can I customize the PowerPoint templates to match my branding?


Absolutely! We want your slides to reflect your brand so we built our templates to be extremely easy to customize to your branding.


We use a master color and font theme that you can change in one click.


Just replace the template colors and/or fonts with your own and you're all set!


Your template tutorial video library contains a video showing you exactly how to do this, step by step.


And unlike most standard templates where you need to change the colors and fonts slide by slide (an infuriating and painful process, by the way), you only have to change the colors and fonts ONCE and the change is automatically applied to all the slides.


What if I'm not a techie person? Will I have trouble working with the templates?


When you purchase the Unicorn Bundle, your templates come with lifetime access to our library of tutorial videos that show you step-by-step how to properly customize and edit your templates. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to make edits to your templates, just follow the instructions! And if you’re still stuck, you can pop into the private Facebook Group and drop your question. Nadine is committed to showing up in the group at least once a week to answer your questions!


What is your refund policy?


Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds can be issued.


We've made every effort to make sure that this website gives you an accurate and detailed view of everything you can expect to find inside Slide Therapy. 


If you have any questions or concerns about what is included in this product before you purchase, please email us at so that we can help you make the right decision.


I am having trouble downloading Slide Therapy, what should I do?


Email us at so we can help fix the issue asap!

Didn't find an answer to your question? Please contact us directly so that we may help: