The Slide Bank

The Slide Bank is a massive library of 250 beautifully designed slides including:​

just about every slide you'll ever need

  • 20 Title Slides
  • 19 Agenda Slides
  • 24 Transition Slides
  • 30 Diagram Slides
  • 17 Timeline Slides
  • 22 Data Display Slides
  • 15 Infographic Slides
  • 5 Map Slides
  • 7 Text + Icon Slides
  • 42 Text + Image Slides
  • 7 Quote Slides
  • 10 Mockup Slides
  • 12 Report Slides
  • 5 Thank You Slides


The Slide Banks come in four stunning color and style variations. 

More than a template...

All of Our Templates Are Delivered with:

Curated Images

You'll get access to our curated collection of 600+ FREE images handpicked to match our template designs


You'll get access to our massive library of 1000+ outline icons to choose from (in both black and white)

How-To Videos

Your file download will come with a library of videos to show you how to properly customize and edit your templates

What Makes Our Templates Different?

Ordinary Templates

  • No easy way to customize color palette. Must change colors slide by slide

  • Complex, confusing and a pain to edit

  • Once you purchase a template you're on your own. No help

  • Limited number of layout options

  • Scattered layouts with no structure

  • Text heavy slides & poor/outdated design

  • Made by graphic designers


Our Templates

  • You can change the entire color palette of your slide deck in one click

  • Intuitive, user-friendly and easy to customize

  • Library of how-to videos to show you exactly how to edit and customize your slides

  • Massive variety of layouts and slide designs

  • Structured and story-driven templates

  • Highly visual, beautiful and modern design

  • Made by a presentation expert 


Our templates use a slide master system to let you easily drag and drop your content into the pre-formatted placeholders. No need to worry about cropping or resizing images.


Need to pull together a slide deck for your live workshop fast? Just select the layouts you need, replace the pictures, add your text content and you're ready to go. Just like that.


Every single piece of our template is fully customizable. You can change the fonts, the colors, the images and the graphics to put your own unique stamp on it


We use a master color theme in all of our templates which means that you can change the master colors in one place and in one click to customize the color palette to your branding.

These templates were all personally designed by me based on my experience designing more than 20,000 slides for hundreds of clients ranging from execs at Fortune 100 companies to bestselling authors and TED speakers.

What makes these templates different from other templates on the market is that unlike a lot of the PowerPoint templates out there, these layouts are based on tried and true real-world presentation needs and made to be practical, not just pretty.
Whether it’s routine business slide decks or once in a lifetime speaking opportunities, I understand the complexities and nuances of presentations as they are used in the real world and that’s why I designed these template system to be extremely adaptable, flexible and user-friendly.

Made with love